Keeping their dog clean is something in the minds of every dog owner. Dogs go everywhere and come home, so you don’t know what it carries.

That is why it is vital to keep your dog washed and clean at all times. Dog soap and shampoo play an essential role in this part. 

There are specific medicated soaps for dogs. However, how do you know which soap is the most medicated soap for dogs?

Read on to learn about medicated soap for dogs, how they work, and what you should look for when buying one for your dog.


Which Soap Is The Most Medicated Soap For Dogs?


Dogs have sensitive skin, and with thick coats, you never know what type of pathogens and dirt they carry. Medicated soaps are specially formulated to help treat various skin problems in dogs.

Medicated soaps typically contain chlorhexidine, an antiseptic that cleans and prevents pathogen multiplication. They also contain antibacterials, antifungals, and anti-inflammatory substances.

Several medical soaps for dogs are high-quality and provide the best protection for your dog.


The Top 7 Medicated Dog Soaps



1. PetMD Medicated Shampoo For Dogs


PetMD medicated shampoo for dogs is ideal for eliminating infections. It provides the best cleansing results, cleaning even the most difficult areas to reach, including the paws and skin folds.

It helps dry the infected skin and reduces resulting inflammation. It contains Chlorhexidine gluconate 2% and ketoconazole 1%. The shampoo has a mild and pleasant cucumber scent.

Its advantages are that it is alcohol-free and aids with a wide variety of skin issues in dogs and cats. However, it could be too harsh on dogs with sensitive skin.


2. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic And Antifungal Shampoo For Dogs


This is a dog shampoo that veterinarians approve of. It consists of a pH-balanced, antibacterial formula that is especially beneficial for dogs with sensitive skin.

It comes in the forms of liquid and spray and is made of a paraben-free formula. The shampoo helps protect your dog from skin infections, including fungal dermatitis and bacterial pyoderma.

It contains Benzethonium chloride and ketoconazole with no added scent to it. It’s fast-acting, effective, and affordable. It is also suitable for both cats and dogs. However, it may not be ideal for puppies.


3. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic And Antiseborrheic Shampoo For Dogs


This antiparasitic and anti-seborrheic shampoo is made with a vet-approved formula and is paraben free. It is affordable and comes in two-sized bottles. 

The shampoo greatly helps dogs with seborrheic dermatitis and mange. Its fast action guarantees quick relief for your dog. The shampoo contains salicylic acid, coal tar, and micronized sulfur as its active ingredients.

It has a mild coconut smell and forms a good lather. It doesn’t wash away flea treatments, either. However, this shampoo is not suitable to be used on dogs under twelve weeks of age.


4. Arava Natural Medicated Dog Shampoo


Arava natural medicated dog shampoo can treat a range of skin problems and infections in dogs. It is due to the shampoo’s formulation of 28 natural ingredients. 

The shampoo is especially useful in treating skin irritation, hotspots, dandruff, ringworms, mange, and abrasions.

Its active ingredients include chamomile, rosemary, kelp, calendula, aloe vera, tea tree, fennel, pomegranate, and Dead Sea minerals.

It has high moisturizing effects and is free from hazardous chemicals that could further irritate your dog’s skin. However, it may not be suitable for dogs who are allergic to the natural substances included in the list of ingredients.


5. PetHonesty Chlorhexidine Shampoo


This is a medicated shampoo that is specifically made to eliminate dandruff. It is also ideal for healing irritated skin and treating skin allergies.

It helps remove knots from your dog’s fur, leading to shiny fur and a healthy coat. It comes with a mild cucumber melon scent. It contains aloe vera, which promotes a healing effect on the skin.

The shampoo is also ideal for skin infections, shedding, itching, dandruff, and hotspots. Its active ingredients include chlorhexidine and ketoconazole.

It has no significant drawbacks, except its scent could be a miss with some dogs.


6. Jungle Pet Antiseptic Shampoo For Dogs


Jungle pet antiseptic shampoo cleans the dog’s skin and eliminates skin infections. It is also perfect for treating fungal dermatitis, hotspots, and ringworms. The shampoo helps clean hard-to-reach areas like folded skin areas.

It consists of a tropical cucumber melon scent and comes in two bottle sizes. The shampoo contains Chlorhexidine (2%) and ketoconazole (1%). 

This shampoo provides quick itch relief and is safe because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.


7. VetWELL Ketoconazole Chlorhexidine Shampoo For Dogs


This shampoo serves multiple purposes. It treats various skin conditions, including abrasions, infections, superficial cuts, itchiness, irritation, and bites. 

It also promotes a shiny and healthy coat while relieving painful skin conditions. It consists of a soothing formula that is ideal for sensitive skin.

The shampoo consists of chlorhexidine and ketoconazole as its active ingredients. It comes in a soothing mint scent and lathers well. It can be used on cats and dogs. However, it is not suitable to be used on dogs below 12 weeks of age.


What To Look For When Buying Medicated Dog Soap


Here are a few things to remember before buying medicated soap for your dog.


  • Ensure that the soap suits your dog’s requirements, such as getting an antifungal product for yeast infections and an antibacterial product for bacterial infections.
  • Ensure it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Effective ingredients in medical dog soap are chlorhexidine gluconate and ketoconazole. 
  • Buy soap from a trustworthy brand that is clear about its ingredients and manufacturing procedures.
  • If your dog has sensitive skin or allergies, be mindful of these when buying suitable medicated dog soap.


How Does Medicated Dog Soap Work?


Medicated dog soap has excellent effects on dogs with skin allergies, itching, and various skin infections. 

A dog’s thick coat is often responsible for hiding dirt and pathogens. Regular soap will not be able to completely clean and get rid of these substances from your dog’s skin. It is why you need to use a medicated soap on your dog.

Medicated dog soap contains chlorhexidine, antimicrobials, and anti-inflammatory and anti-seborrheic agents that can care for sensitive skin and skin with allergies and infections.





How Often Should You Use Medicated Soap For Dogs?


Medicated soap is typically meant to be used on your dog due to a particular skin condition, such as an infection or allergy. It is not to be used regularly like any ordinary dog soap.

These medicated soaps generally contain the frequency of use in the packaging itself. It typically varies between once and twice a week. It is usually used only until the symptoms of the specific condition subside.

Medical soap, under normal circumstances, will be harsh on your dog’s skin because it contains active ingredients with a lower pH value.



What Are The Different Types Of Medicated Dog Soap?


Medicated dog soap is used for various purposes, such as providing relief in allergy conditions and antiparasitic, antibacterial, and antifungal infections.

These are the different types of medicated soaps available for dogs, based on other purposes.


  • Allergy relief shampoos help soothe your dog’s affected skin and nourish it.
  • Antibacterial shampoos are used when your dog has bacterial skin infections.
  • Antifungal shampoos generally contain ketoconazole, which works well against fungal skin infections common in dogs with wrinkles.
  • Antiparasitic shampoos contain benzoyl peroxide, which helps remove mites and is used against fleas and ticks. These shampoos are ideal for dogs like French Bulldogs, who don’t tolerate fleas well due to their sensitive fur lines.


When Should You Use Medicated Soap On Your Dog?


Here is a list of skin conditions for which you might require medicated soap on your dog.


  • Skin infections and dermatitis, including parasitic, bacterial, and fungal infections
  • Skin allergies, including food allergies, seasonal allergies, and atopic dermatitis
  • Physical injuries, including abrasions, minor cuts, and scrapes


How Long Does It Take For Medicated Soap To Work On Your Dog?


The efficacy of medicated soap can usually be seen within the first few uses. However, the time it takes for complete healing depends on the type and severity of the skin condition and the soap.

Typically, it takes about 12 weeks for your dog’s skin to completely heal after using medicated soap.



Final Thoughts


Using medicated soap on your dog will completely heal many of the skin conditions given above. However, you need to use a top-brand product for the best results.

Medicated soap relieves various skin conditions, including allergies, parasitic infections, and bacterial and fungal infections.

It’s best to have a good idea of what type of soap your dog requires by assessing its condition. 

Keep an eye on your dog and monitor what it does and where it goes. There are many dog accessories that help you in doing this.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Is Medicated Soap Good For Dogs?


Medicated soap is suitable for dogs and helps relieve many common skin conditions in your dog, including mange, dandruff, flaking, and scabies.



Can You Use Human Antibacterial Soap On Dogs?


Human antibacterial soap should not be used on dogs as its ingredients may be too harsh on your dog and might damage its skin.


Author: Thomas Villalpando


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