Toxic Foods


For many families, dogs become a roving garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner. No Bulldog owner will ever tell you their dog has hunger problems. However, bulldog owners should exercise caution as some types of human food can cause more than a bit of trouble for your furry friend. Bulldogs can be very susceptible to allergies and incompatible foods.

Dogs should be fed the recommended food for proper nutrition and weight management. Some common foods like chocolate, grapes, raisins, and onions are definitely on the no-no list. But some would surprise you. So, before you give Bully your leftovers, read over these toxic foods and allergies that bulldogs are susceptible to.

Raw dough or any product containing yeast can be extremely harmful, causing pain or even death. The yeast can cause gas bubbles which can be very painful. As a human, we suffer from gas pains. In an animal so much smaller, it is magnified. It will force the stomach and intestines to expand, leading to pain, a ruptured stomach, or a ruptured intestinal tract.

If the yeast is not active and does not cause gas bubbles to form, the dough can inhibit fermentation. Fermentation is a necessary step in the digestive process. Your furry friend might experience gastrointestinal distress such as diarrhea, vomiting, or heartburn.

Nuts, like macadamia, are not digestible by dogs. Even though it is not a fatal reaction, it will still cause significant illness and discomfort. Frequent vomiting, difficulty vomiting, tremors, depression, and hypothermia are all common signs for a dog who snuck a luscious white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. So, when casually sipping your tea with your favorite cookie in the evening, watch your furry friend, who might be tempted to steal your cookies. Delicious to us and toxic to them.

The core of an apple has cyanogenic glycosides. Does that name look familiar? A very deadly and well-known James Bond poison, cyanide is a derivative of cyanogenic glycosides. Recognize it now? Leaving your apple core (or household garbage) accessible can cause breathing problems, seizures, shock, coma, and death.

Avocado and toast, anyone? Not for your furry friend! Persin, an oil-soluble compound, is found in the entire fruit – the leaves, pit, and flesh of the fruit. It is a fungicidal toxin. In such small concentrations, it is harmless to humans. However, it is sufficient to cause serious harm to a small dog. It can cause stomach upset, breathing problems, and fluid buildup in the chest cavity, impacting heart and lung function.

There is currently active research underway using a person as an anti-cancer agent. It has shown some positive effects in treating breast cancers. So, eat up all the avocado you can – but don’t let the doggo have any.

The second risk of avocados comes from the pit. It has an almost perfectly round shape. It can pose a serious choking hazard, obstructing an airway and causing death. It is also large enough to cause an intestinal or bowel blockage in small dogs.



Almost every dog owner has been guilty of this one – bacon. Many people have been sending crispy, delicious slices of bacon over the side of the kitchen table for years. However, a diet high in fat and crispy bacon can cause pancreatitis, an inflamed pancreas. This can affect the functionality of the pancreas, leading to digestive problems and diabetes. It can also impact nutrient absorption and essential vitamin and mineral deficiencies, triggering many other illnesses.




English Bulldogs are prone to allergic reactions. Knowing what to look out for and avoid and when to seek prompt treatment is vital to your pup’s health.

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a skin allergy common in bulldogs. Usually, dust mites and mold are responsible. Other contaminants are possible irritants as well. It is more likely in younger animals. If you notice any signs or symptoms, it is essential to get the advice of your vet as soon as possible to limit the spread.

Inflammation, redness, and warmth of the ears are sure signs of atopic dermatitis. If you touch your dog’s ear and it is warmer than the rest of your dog’s body, it is highly likely a sign of eczema. Other clues can be found in the dog’s behaviors, such as excessive licking, paw chewing, and chewing on hind legs. The armpits, paws, and toes tend to change color and might be reddish brown, pink, or even black. If you see any of these signs or symptoms, immediately check with your vet.

As a flat-faced breed, bulldogs are already prone to respiratory difficulties and are not immune to inhaled irritants. Pollen, mites, mold, and dust are possible culprits. Allergy season, anyone? Because bulldogs are so low to the ground, they are more likely to encounter these allergens while walking outdoors. If you are suffering this ragweed season, your bulldog is too. Check the air quality and pollen risk before your stroll!

Contact allergies or irritants that cause a reaction to skin exposure are a common culprit too. Their dog bed, bedding, and flea collars are familiar sources. Inspect and wash collars regularly. Dog beds, bedding, and toys should also be cleaned and inspected regularly. Dirt, dust, and mold will cause contact and inhaled allergic reactions.

Plants and grasses outdoors can also be the source of itching and redness typical of allergic reactions. If it irritates you, then it probably irritates them.

Products, like dog shampoo, should be chosen carefully after reading the ingredients list. Avoid changing products, soaps, and cleansers.

Our dogs have a lot in common with us. And just us, bulldogs, have bacteria that live on their skin. Some are beneficial, and some are not. And some can be allergy sources. Excessive shedding, redness, warmth, itchiness, and scratching are signs of a bacterial reaction. It can also signify a bacterial infection, especially if the scratching has broken skin. Signs and symptoms of bacterial reactions require immediate attention from a vet to prevent further complications. Staph infections are common and can only be treated by antibiotics prescribed by a vet. Staph infections can cause severe complications, including death, so do not delay the trip to the vet.

English bulldogs can have sensitive stomachs. Commonly, they are intolerant to food products like soy products, pork, whey, wheat, preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and added sugars. Signs of a reaction to a food intolerance include sneezing, coughing, seizures, ear inflammation, gastrointestinal distress like vomiting, and diarrhea. Just like introducing foods to a baby, if you submit a new food to your bulldog – slow and one at a time is a good rule of thumb.




To identify the allergy, remove one at a time and wait several days to see if the reaction resolves. A food diary can be helpful.

Flea dermatitis is another common allergy. Almost all dogs of any breed are susceptible to this. The bite and saliva from a flea can cause an inflamed and itchy spot. Checking, preventing, and treating flea or tick bites is essential for skin health. Constantly scratching and chewing from fleas can break the skin and cause a bacterial infection, as mentioned previously.

Bulldogs can also experience hives from food allergies, vaccinations, medications, poisonous plants, and chemicals found in cleaning and grooming products. The severity of the reaction varies depending on the amount and time of exposure. Swelling around paws, legs, and face can occur. Sometimes unseen facial swelling can cause excessive drooling. Drooling can also be caused after an irritant is licked.

Usually, hives are not severe, though they are uncomfortable. Over time, with repeated episodes, they can become serious and lead to a more severe reaction that includes throat closing. Antihistamines are a good treatment option for hives. A vet can prescribe them. A cold, wet cloth can relieve your pets’ discomfort and reduce swelling.

Each dog is unique and will react differently to different foods and environments. This is not a complete list but a starting point to help your dog live a long and happy life.

Bulldogs have an average life expectancy of 8-10 years. Compared to a Yorkie whose life expectancy is 17 years, ten years is much shorter. Bulldogs have unique health problems and unique physical and emotional needs. Meeting these needs is critical to healthy, long-lived pets.

Consider these five tactics for a happy bulldog:

  • Healthy and Nutritional Food – bulldogs require 20-70 calories per pound per day, depending on the lifestyle, divided over several smaller meals
  • Proactive Health Care – gain an understanding of common ailments and monitor for signs and symptoms; early treatment can limit the negative consequences of the disease, and puppy health screening can lead to early detection and treatment
  • Understand risks associated with genetics – genetic history and pedigree lines are an essential factor in choosing a responsible breeder with heavy implications for long-term health
  • A strong emotional bond with your bulldog – a companion animal will reciprocate your love, emotional well-being influences stress levels and physical health – cuddles for the win!
  • Regular walks – your dog may not get as excited about a walk around the block as other breeds, but it is still essential to get regular exercise, short walks are sufficient, and sprints should not be expected

Bulldogs, either French or English, are lovely, loving companion animals. They are a great addition to any family. With the help of a good breeder and vet, your bulldog will be your loving companion. Love, care, and attention can maximize your bulldog’s length of life and, most importantly, quality of life.

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