Long, sunny days are perfect for outdoor treks and backyard cookouts. As we enjoy the gorgeous weather with our loved ones, we also must think about protecting ourselves from mosquitoes and ticks. Aside from the annoyance of itches and the gross factor of having an embedded bug in your skin, these pests can carry diseases that can wreak havoc with your immune system, causing an array of health symptoms from fever to problems with mobility and more.

Your pets are also at risk from ticks and mosquito bites, so it is important to stay vigilant about their health as well. Mosquito bites are common transmitters of heartworm for dogs. To protect your pup, stay as educated about health risks as you can. A blog post on Sandov’s English Bulldog suggests that a good way to stay informed and educated is by using helpful apps, particularly for new dog owners. If you are considering adopting a pup, Sandov’s English Bulldog offers an array of beautiful bulldogs, lovingly tended and ready to be your new companion. Whether you are new to dog ownership or have had many pups over the years, help protect yourself and your new friend from ticks and mosquitoes by taking preventive measures in your own backyard.

Methods to Reduce Tick and Mosquito Infestation

Reducing the number of these pests in your yard can help protect you and your pets. The first step is understanding the type of environment ticks and mosquitoes like, and then finding ways to eradicate their breeding grounds. Ticks thrive in wooded or grassy areas. They lurk around in leaf piles and overgrown shrubs, low-hanging branches, and anywhere animals congregate, since they provide what the tick is seeking most, a source of blood. Mosquitoes thrive in moist areas, and like ticks, they do well in woodlands, tall grasses, and marshes where they can distribute larva and propagate, while having access to animals and humans as a food source.

To reduce the number of ticks and mosquitoes in your yard, keep the area well maintained. Keep grasses mowed and remove tree debris, stumps and fallen branches. If your yard requires tree removal, hire a local tree service professional to complete the job. Arborists have all the gear and necessary supplies to remove your trees safely. You can find reputable, insured providers in your area and read reviews prior to hiring. Make sure you get quotes from a variety of contractors and ask whether they offer stump grinding and removal as part of the estimate. Along with keeping your yard maintained, you can use several strategies for staying safe and healthy despite the presence of ticks and mosquitoes.

Protecting Yourself Against Bugs

It is bad enough to step outside and get bitten by mosquitoes, but when they are bothering you inside your own home, it is even more maddening. You can prevent mosquitoes from “bugging” you inside your home by making sure your doors do not have gaps and that your window screens are intact and without holes and spaces. Outside your home, consider wearing bug spray that has 30 percent DEET or wear protective screened mosquito gear to prevent them from accessing your skin. Consider collars and spot treatments for your pets to keep them safe from biting bugs.

To avoid tick exposure, consider covering your arms and legs while outside. There are tick treatments you can spray on clothing, and some home remedies people swear by to repel ticks. Make sure you research ingredients before you try anything to make sure it is safe for you and your pets. If you prefer to use more natural ingredients, essential oils like rose geranium are also good at repelling ticks. Mosquitoes stay away from citronella, and this may be a useful way to keep them at bay in your yard and in your home.

Homeopathic Methods for Tick and Mosquito Bites

Bites happen. Fortunately, there are many homeopathic methods for dealing with mosquito and tick bites. Mosquito bites can be rubbed with a baking soda paste, ice cube, tea tree oil, or vinegar to remove the itch. If you start to notice symptoms like fever, rash, vomiting, or swelling, make sure you seek medical attention, as this may mean you have contracted an illness from a mosquito bite and need medical intervention.

Tick bites present a risk of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Tick bites and Chronic Lyme Disease can be treated and managed with guidance from medical professionals; catching it early is key to the best prognosis. Watch out for signs of Lyme such as fatigue, rash, and soreness in joints. Even with treatment, Lyme disease can sometimes resurface in what is known as Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome, so monitor symptoms carefully.

You and your pets and other loved ones can take precautions against tick and mosquito risks. Mitigating their breeding grounds, wearing protective gear, and staying aware of symptoms can help you remain healthy and safe.

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Author: Aurora James

Image credit: Pixabay.com

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