As your pet gets older, his or her needs will change. Of course, an appropriate diet, exercise, a safe, cozy place to sleep, and plenty of loving attention are all still essential, but now you may also find yourself administering medicines, signing up for physical therapy, and constantly monitoring signs of declining health. If you need some tips on helping your aging pet, let this article shared by Sandov’s English & French Bulldogs help guide you through everything.


Budget for Aging Pet Care

Paying for pet care can be a struggle for some pet owners. As your furry loved one’s needs and costs increase, consider paying for pet insurance and setting aside money each month as pet emergency savings. When you are in a bind, you may have friends or family who are willing to help you cover costs. If you’re caught unprepared, ask the vet about financing, reach out to a pet charity, or set up a fundraiser.


Catch Signs of Aging Early

Cats, dogs, rabbits, lizards, birds, and other pets have their own struggles with aging, but there are several common signs of aging that should alert you to look for animal-specific symptoms:


  • Lack of energy
  • Changes in sleeping
  • Confusion and changes in behavior
  • Unexplained weight changes
  • Lack of self-grooming
  • Trouble pottying


Anytime you see these symptoms, schedule a visit with the veterinarian. As your pet starts getting older, routine checkups become especially valuable.



Set a Schedule

Caring for an aging pet can be a challenge, but one of the best ways to manage their care is to establish a clear schedule. Making sure they get regular meals on time, tracking required medications and vet appointments – all of these elements are essential. An online schedule maker can be a great tool for creating your schedule with this tool and ensuring that you stay organized. With an online scheduler, you won’t have to worry about forgetting important tasks or double-booking yourself when juggling multiple responsibilities at once. Most importantly, it’ll help you make sure you’re providing the best care possible for your beloved pet during their golden years.


Learn to Administer Meds

Pets often struggle with medications, even when those pills and concoctions make life more comfortable for them. Owners of dogs and cats, and other pets, have found some tricks that may make this process easier:


  • Sprinkle powders and liquid medicines in food.
  • Hide pills in cream cheese or peanut butter.
  • Use a dropper or syringe to reach as close to the throat as possible.
  • Apply creams or give injections when pets are distracted.
  • Give a treat right after administering meds.


Stay calm during this process; your pet will pick up on your emotions. Be aware that crushing certain drugs can reduce their effectiveness. Always check with your vet before altering meds.



Adjust Treats and Pampering

According to experts, as your pet’s dietary and physical needs change, it’s important to find new ways to provide love and treats. If your dog or cat is no longer self-grooming, you can use this task as a special bonding time. As energy levels decrease, consider putting your pet in a stroller or sling for daily walks.


Ask your veterinarian about treats that are appropriate for good health. For example, a frozen carrot provides important chewing for your dog while also providing valuable nutrients. If your aging pet is losing teeth, consider treats that can be licked.


One great way to treat your pet is by spending extra time with them. If possible, spend a day or two a week working from home. The extra snuggles and cuddles can go a long way toward making your pet feel pampered. If the work-from-home arrangement is possible for you, consider hiring a pet sitter to occasionally spend time with Buddy and Snowball.


Research New Products

It’s natural to want to treat your special four-legged loved one to luxury as they get older. Remember to always research and check reviews before buying products with which you aren’t familiar. Customer ratings are a great resource, but veterinarian recommendations and precautions are even better.


Take Care of Yourself

When you add those burdens to family, work, and stress to caring for an aging pet, you can easily become overwhelmed, so don’t forget to take care of yourself. Keep your senior pet healthy by learning about the signs of aging and budgeting for pet care and pet insurance.

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