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What is the process and when can I expect to receive my puppy?

Congratulations on finding your perfect puppy. In Sandov’s English Bulldog we pride ourselves on making getting your puppy into your hands as smooth a transition as possible.

The process is very simple:

  • Call us at 951-756-2034 or send an email to info@englishbulldogriverside.com asking if we have any special about the puppy you chose, please say or write which puppy you would like, type and color.
  • Once the final price of the puppy is set, in case there is any special, a deposit will be required in case the puppy is not yet ready to be delivered, from birth to 8 weeks of age, see in our “How to make a Deposit” section all the details how to reserve your puppy. When received the deposit we will send you the contract to sign.
How do you determine pricing for your puppies?

Price varies according to these variables:

Market at the time, Color, Fawn color or true color, Markings, Carrier genes, Gender, Full/limited AKC, Pedigree, Age, Structure, etc.

Notice: Prices for puppies are subject to change. The prices set before a litter is born are estimations based on the colors we can predict the litter will have. Once the puppies are born, prices may go up based on the color of the pup. As the puppies continue to grow and their color and features are more defined, the price can also go up.

*The only time a price lock will happen is if a deposit is made for a pup. If a deposit is made for a pup, then the price given when the deposit was made will be locked and set.*

Please visit our price ranges here:


How do you ship your puppies?

There are 3 ways to get your puppy:

1) Pick Up: the day is established to pick the pup up after 8 weeks of age by calling us at  951-756-2034

2) If you cannot pick it up by driving, you have the option to buy a plane ticket and pick it up directly from these airports:

  • a) LAX (Los Angeles California airport)
  • b) ON (Ontario California airport)
  • c) SNA (John Wayne Airport, Orange County)

Keep in mind that you must notify the airline that your return will be with a puppy and you must buy the return ticket for the puppy. We will provide you with everything you need to be able to travel with your puppy, such as the carrier bag, the health certificate to be able to travel, the vaccination booklet, all the AKC registration documents of your puppy and supplies to be calm on your trip, you can see the example gifts that we grant our clients in the following link:


(The items can look different some times, but will be similar items, and will depend on the availability)

3) We can recommend a Nanny Service, he always gives a pretty good estimate to our customers for in and out of California as well as out of the country. He takes the puppy to your nearest airport and gives the pup to you in your hands with the health certificate, the vaccination booklet and all the AKC registration documents of your puppy.

Can you tell me more about vaccines?

Your puppy is up to date on vaccines, and we ask that you do not give any more vaccines until a minimum of at least 14 days from the last vaccine given. The vaccine record will show all the shots and deworming treatments your puppy has had. Please have a copy of that medical record ready to present to your veterinarian on your first required vet visit.

What guarantees do they offer?

When you buy a puppy from Sandov’s English Bulldog you can be sure that we will always try to help you if any situation arises with your puppy, which is within our guarantee.

Although we do everything we can to raise 100% healthy puppies, like all living things, they can get sick. We take all preventive measures to minimize common ailments in puppies. A puppy’s health depends on many factors, such as diet, exercise, the environment, genetics and many other factors, but if something goes wrong, we guarantee that we will try to correct it within our guarantee.

In the PDF document you can see an example contract where you can carefully read everything that our health guarantee does and does not cover.


All of our puppies are reviewed by a licensed veterinarian, have all their vaccinations up to date and proper deworming.

Additionally, we ask new puppy owners to bring their new puppy to the vet within 3 days of receiving their puppy to ensure it is healthy.

What food do you feed your puppies with?

Your puppy is being fed two types of food, wet food and dry food. Depending on the preference and age of your puppy, in our example video you can see how to feed your puppy when you get him or her, you can see it here:

How to prepare puppy food from Sandov’s English Bulldog to our Customers


Is your website secure?

Absolutely! In this day and age fraud is a real concern and we want you to know that your personal information is protected. We do not sell or use your information. Your information is your information, and our website is locked safe with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection.

How can I trust that your website is not a scam?

We can assure our clients that we are not a scam. We are not an overseas or domestic operation trying to trick unsuspecting online consumers. We are a Corporation established in California with License # 004390-01-2019 “Family Business” all telephone calls, emails, marketing and customer service of our clients are handled with our number: 951-756-2034, social media and our email info@englishbulldogriverside.com based in California. Every week or biweekly we update the photos and videos of each puppy in their profile (when we have available) so you can see that they are real puppies and see how they grow each week or biweekly. Here you can see our trajectory with some profiles of our past puppies that already have a new home:

See our past puppies

We hope this assures our customers that we are real people who love puppies and not a fraudulent business.

What is Progesterone and why would I test for it?

Progesterone is a hormone that helps prepare and maintain the uterus for pregnancy. It begins to rise during the estrus cycle and is a key indicator (along with the luteinizing hormone, or LH) of when ovulation occurs.

Why would I test my bitch’s Progesterone levels?

To determine when ovulation occurs and hence when it is the best time to breed.

How to spot scammers?

From Sandov’s English Bulldog we want to advise you on how to avoid falling into the hands of scammers! If they offer you a puppy and the price is well below that of the regular price be aware that Bulldogs price ranges between $ 2,500 to $ 20,000. The one way not to fall is to ask the breeder to make a short video of the puppy with a sheet written with your name and date next to the puppy, if the breeder is not willing to do it, you can be sure that he does not have the puppy with him and he is a scammer, it is also useless to verbally say the name of the person and date because with today’s technology it is very easy to acquire a video of a puppy online and edit the sound. Our advice, if you suspect that the breeder is not legitimate, is to ask for the video and be sure to speak directly with the breeder. There are many internet pages with breeders that offer puppies very cheap and they have almost no information or growth history of the puppies.  That is also a Red Flag. We want in Sandov’s English Bulldog that no one be cheated and to eradicate this common practice in this market of the Bulldogs.

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