Standards and Exotics English Bulldogs

Standards English Bulldogs

The perfect Bulldog must be of medium size and smooth coat; with heavy, thick-set, low-swung body, massive short-faced head, wide shoulders and sturdy limbs. The general appearance and attitude should suggest great stability, vigor and strength. The disposition should be equable and kind, resolute and courageous (not vicious or aggressive), and demeanor should be pacific and dignified. These attributes should be countenanced by the expression and behavior.

Exotics English Bulldogs

Exotics English Bulldogs are short faced puppies with beautiful wrinkly bodies. These puppies are amazing because they come in extremely rare color combinations. Exotics English Bulldogs Puppies are Instantly recognizable by their Rare Colors, wrinkled brow and ropes, hanging jowls and rolling gait, your Bulldog will also have a tough guy look and a teddy bear attitude. Their bodies are thick, muscled up, and extremely cuddly.

Exotics French Bulldogs

Exotics French Bulldogs

The Exotic French Bulldog are extraordinarily beautiful, molosser type, small in size, short hair, muscular, strong and compact, the colors that make them exotic attract the eyes of those who look at them, some with light blue or green eyes, the solid and merle colors make them a very showy breed. It is powerful for its small stature, short, compact in all its proportions, flat hair, short face, flat nose, with erect, bat-like ears and naturally short tail. He is a very active puppy and you will never stop running after him!