Dog gates or other types of barriers are almost a necessity for any pet parent. They can be used to block off unsafe areas, like dangerous staircases, baby rooms, or the room with all the electronics. I’m not the only one with a room full of computers, gaming consoles, and TVs? Right?

Gates are also helpful when you are house training a new puppy. It can contain the messes to one carpet-free zone until they’re fully house trained. All gates were not created equal, though. What works for one dog, another might be able to jump. Or crawl under.

It’s not necessary to buy a gate that’s specific to pets. They’re fur-babies. Our babies, so a baby gate is perfectly acceptable.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as your gate shopping. These questions will help you decide how many gates you need, what size they should, and how strong they need to be.

  • How big will your dog be once fully grown?
  • Do they have separation anxiety?
  • Is your dog a jumper, scratcher, or digger?
  • Do you live in a house or apartment?

A word of warning though, if you’re using a gate to avoid proper training, it will backfire. Gates are not meant to be substituted for training a new puppy.

It’s essential to choose a gate that fits well in the opening you’ve designated. Poorly fitted gates can be tripping hazards. They can also damage your walls. Some styles of gates work for larger and more open spaces. Think of an open concept floor plan for this style. Others are sized for standard doorways. Also, they come in indoor and outdoor versions.

There are temporary gates that you would use while training. They can be put up or down, depending on the training and activity. Others are permanent and wall-mounted into studs. You can decide which type is best based on the purpose of the gate.

Depending on what’s in your backyard, you may need outside gates to protect gardens. Some dog breeds, like the English bulldog, can’t swim. In those cases, you would need a gate or fence to block pool or pond areas.

Each gate comes with its own mounting instructions. I highly recommend reading and following the installation instructions. An incorrectly installed gate can come crashing down, resulting in an injured or scared dog.

Our recommendation for a free-standing gate is MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen. It’s designed for outdoor use with a secure double latch in a step-through style gate. And it folds flat for easy storage. At 24 inches high, it’s excellent for bulldogs. The gate is finished in a black e coat finish for rust prevention. At 16 square feet, it’s plenty of space for small to medium size breed.

MYPET offers a 40” portable gate for pressure-mounted temporary gates. It’s adjustable from 26” to 40”. That size covers almost any doorway size. Pressure mounted means no tools and no damage to your walls.

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