Dogs with short coats or breeds that don’t have a double coat will often need an extra layer of protection when the weather turns foul. Bulldogs are vulnerable to heat and cold extremes. So, these additional layers are super important for this breed.

Some breeds, especially those with a double coat, like a malamute or husky, can actually be harmed by wearing a coat. They don’t need it. These breeds can easily withstand the coldest temperatures. These breeds will quickly overheat if they’re wearing a doggie parka during physical activity.

On the other hand, small breeds like a French Bulldog or chihuahua absolutely need protection. Dogs with lean bodies such as a whippet or greyhound also need protection. They do not have enough body fat to keep themselves warm during cold, windy days.

Just as with the booties, your dog won’t like the coat at first. It’ll take a bit of time to get used to it. Practice in the house first, with or without the booties.

Sizing is important, too. Please measure your dog before you go shopping. It doesn’t matter if it’s shoes or a coat, poorly fitted clothes will do more harm than good.

The best coat will keep your furry friend warm and dry as well as prevent overheating. If you’re a nightwalker, look for reflective clothes and pair them with a reflective harness for safety.

Our recommendations for dog coats and sweaters have been tried and tested and come with great reviews.

Kuoser British Style Coat is adorable! I’m a little plaid crazy, and this one comes in 4 varieties of plaid and six sizes. It’s reversible, with a waterproof layer. The outside is soft and cozy. It’s easy to put on and has a higher collar that’s cute and fashionable. It has a small pocket for treats. Or poop bags. If you’re out walking, don’t forget the poop bags.

Bumjazz makes an adorable knitted sweater coat for dogs. It’s meant for fall/spring weather, nothing genuinely foul. It’s made from high-quality cotton/acrylic yarn, so it’s lightweight and breathable. Did I mention adorable? It really is. It’s like a chunky cable knit sweater but for your puppy.

The Gooby Padded Dog Vest is a heavy-duty parka. It zips up the back and has a leash hook for walking. This vest is meant for small to medium-sized breeds, with a maximum chest size of 23 inches. It’s waterproof and well insulated. It has a double-lapped zipper, so there’s no chance you’ll catch skin or fur while you’re zipping up. It’s also cut very nicely, so your dog can use the bathroom and won’t splash. And when it does get dirty, toss it in the washer, with no worries.

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