Think of having dry skin; the dryer the skin, the more uncomfortable you become. Having dry skin sometimes can lead to cracking and bleeding. This situation is the same for dogs in general. Bulldogs are naturally brachycephalic which makes them prone to dry skin and cracked noses due to the anatomy of their head. Like humans, bulldogs can develop cracked noses and bleed when their nose becomes uncomfortable. Dry noses not only brings discomfort to bulldogs, but it also affects their strongest weapon, their sense of smell. With their strongest sense disturbed, they become nervous and irritable. Not only bulldogs, but dogs in general also depend on their sense of smell to observe the environment around them.

Since bulldogs are known for their numerous health issues, the causes of dry noses in bulldogs can be from their allergies, dry weather conditions, or health conditions mostly associated with bulldogs called Nasal Hyperkeratosis. The nose dryness is not an incurable disease, in fact, it can be easily cured in most cases. In some cases, the intervention of a veterinarian may be required. Let’s takes an in-depth look at possible causes of dry noses in bulldogs.

Causes of Dry Noses in Bulldogs


Dog breeds can have totally different sensitivities. There are a couple of things from daily activities you can check to see whether it has any kind of effect. Plastic is one essential dog allergy to note that can cause a dry canine nose. If your bulldog has a plastic dish for food or water, change it out for a stainless-steel bowl to see if there are any changes.

Certain bulldog’s treats and items used daily can also trigger your pet’s allergy. Try to trace back any changes to your environment around the time your pet’s nose dried out and became chapped.


Climate changes can cause dry noses. Dry atmospheres particularly can influence a bulldog’s chapped nose. High desert territories can be particularly dry throughout the winter. Bulldogs cannot lick their nose because of the structure of their head so if your dog is out in the sun for some time, it may cause a dry nose.  A sunburned nose will get dry and peel.

These are only a couple of common reasons your bulldog’s nose can become dry and champed. However, your bulldog may have a dry nose for a totally different reason.

Nasal Hyperkeratosis

Nasal Hyperkeratosis is caused by the excess production of keratin, the protein responsible for the thickness of the top skin layer of the bulldog’s nose. Due to the excess production, the nose will eventually dry out and peel off. This phenomenon is natural as it has no bad effect other than a dry nose. Since bulldogs can’t lick their nose, owners are expected to help keep their pet’s nose wet when it dries out.

How to help your Bulldog dog with a dry nose

As a bulldog’s owner, you need to be attentive to your pet’s development. Once you notice a dry nose, try to spot your dog’s allergies and what might be causing it. Be sure to remove anything around your dog’s environment that can be a trigger to your dog’s allergy.

Another option is lubricating your dog’s snout using balms and lotions. Since bulldogs can’t lick their nose, you can continuously apply balms or lotion to keep it wet and comfortable. You can check out our top picks for the best nose lubricants for your bulldog here.

If you have tried these solutions and there are no changes, we advise you to contact your veterinarian.

Edited by: Ayelen Sforni

Picture: Pexels

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