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Pets bring us exceptional fun, lifelong companionship, and endearing moments. Their love and devotion can mean a fuller, happier life. But with the decision to have a pet comes a high degree of responsibility. English bulldog lovers who want to bring a new pet into their home need the plan to maximize success.


Think of the tools and supplies you need to be a good dog parent, including the proper diet, a comfortable place to sleep, and a robust and easy-to-use leash. But also consider tech tools like mobile apps.


Getting Started


As you prepare your app toolbox, are your phone and internet connection up to the task? Your device must be robust enough and provide enough memory to handle the latest apps for dog parents. If you need a more powerful phone, upgrading is an option. Newer-model phones have every feature you need to assist in your journey as a dog owner. If you have a spotty internet connection, you can also upgrade that. Look for fast wireless home internet service with robust bandwidth to run and download these apps effectively.


Also, think about picking up a phone charger for your car, especially if you run many errands. Car chargers allow you to quickly and easily power your phone while away from home. If you forget to charge your phone before you head out, these can be lifesavers!


Thankfully, there is an app to help you with whatever comes your and Fido’s way. From determining whether your new furry friend needs a trip to the vet to finding the next sweater for chilly walks, there’s an app you can use!


Pet First Aid by American Red Cross


This app includes helpful medical advice relating to your pup with a feature that stores your vet’s info so it’s always readily available. Beyond all that, Modern Dog Magazine explains that through videos, quizzes, and straightforward advice, Pet First Aid by American Red Cross teaches you things like how to gauge what’s normal and what to do if your pet has allergies or even more severe conditions like blood sugar emergencies and breathing problems.


This app is a gold mine of information that can even help to save your pet’s life. For new and seasoned pet owners alike, Pet First Aid can assist you in being prepared for whatever comes your way, including how to find your pup if he gets lost.




As a one-stop shop for pet supplies, the new Chewy app offers thousands of products for four-legged friends to make life easier for you and your canine companion. Also included with the app is 24/7 access to Chewy’s team of experts. Chewy’s auto-ship feature is handy for items you purchase routinely when you’re first learning to juggle your new best friend with the rest of your life. They have a pharmacy too!


Trainer Dog Whistle and Clicker


When it’s time to teach your new dog a new trick, the , iTrainer can help. The app has easy-to-use features to both train and entertain. Over 40 sounds are bundled in the app, including animal noises like cats, birds, and dogs. Also included are the beloved squeaky toy sounds that dogs can’t resist. You can even record your own. Also featured are an intuitive dog clicker and info on positive reinforcement training, which Psychology Today explains is an effective and straightforward method to help your new friend learn the ways of the world.


Other Great Apps to Consider


 There are plenty of other apps available to help owners with canine companions.


Bring Fido – To help you find dog-friendly locations

PupTox – This app allows owners to know about potentially toxic items

Rover – To connect with a dog walker or dog sitter

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – Offers convenient pet insurance features


As a new dog parent, it’s great to know that many options exist to help your journey together, from first aid to puppy toys to treats. As you embark on your new life together, take a little help from some of the best apps available. Your dog will thank you for it!

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