Our furry friends need everything from harnesses, cages, flea collars, and food. But we as the owners want to make sure we buy and give them the best! Making sure they are healthy and happy from puppy to adult.

From the time they are a puppy we have to take them on walks, take them outside for the bathroom and take them to the vet.

These things are literally impossible if we don’t have a leash or a harness. With our leash or harness we will have to run after them just to catch them.

All dog owners know we need to keep our dogs safe from traffic, getting lost, and away from harming others.

Harnesses are perfect in doing so. The lightweight breathable harnesses are adjustable and keep everything in place.

If those few reasons didn’t convince you. Then let’s discuss 6 important reasons why You should own a harness!

1.     Gives you better control

Because it gives you better control over your pet or bulldog. Without a harness the dog is free to roam and get into all sorts of trouble. Such as chasing people, knocking people down, and getting lost.

A harness allows you to keep track of your dog without the stress. You don’t have to worry about them running into the street and getting hit by a car. You don’t have to keep up much of a hassle. It literally saves you from having to chase them everywhere It also shows kindness, consideration, and compassion for others. With our harness they can chase people’s children or adults. It’s safer for the pedestrians of the world if you keep better control and containment of your pet!

2.     Is healthier for the dog

Just a leash doesn’t give you control of the animal to do the pulling. The dog is running away and leading and the collar is pulling its neck! This can cause health problems.

Whether you have a French bulldog puppy, Bully, English Bulldog puppies, canine, and or Dalmatian. Leashes are the worst thing you can buy for an animal of any breed or size. Because when you are walking them and they begin to pull the leash is tugging on their neck bones.

This leads to intense strain for the dog’s neck. In the worst-case scenario can even cause choking. A lot of times it’s a gradual deterioration rather than sudden. A lot of times the dog is just overwhelmed with excitement of your attention that it doesn’t realize the possible damage that reaction can have later. They might start to show slow signs of discomfort.

In small dogs such as chihuahuas their neck bones are extremely small. Which can break them down due to them being delicate.

This isn’t even the worst health side effect. Ocular proptosis is when the eyes of the dog bulge out of their head. Veterinarians say it’s done to blunt force trauma to the head.

The leash pulling on the neck has also been a cause for this traumatic diagnosis.

It can also cause respiratory issues. Consistent constraints around his neck squeezes his windpipe close. Some dogs can go into a coughing fit as a result of the consistent constraints around their necks.

Tracheal collapse is another chronic disease that can be caused by wearing a collar. It can happen in really small dogs due to the cartilage that makes up the trachea is weak.

3.     Perfect for mischievous puppies!

You just blink or turn around to get a cup of coffee and poof there wagging their tail right behind you again. Has this ever happened to you? Cause it’s happened to me loads of times when using a collar.

If you have a dog with a very flexible neck it will get out of the collar. One day I had a plan to walk away from the puppy and have someone else turn on the coffee pot. I watched him as he wiggled free, this time he was surprised that I saw him.

Even while walking he would wiggle his neck out and began to run away. This poses a safety hazard as while he runs away, he can be hit by a car or get lost. So, a collar is not the way to go for these mischievous puppies.

4.     You can be sued if the dog presents a danger and was off leash

Harnesses are very important for dogs. I personally have seen this happen numerous times. While walking in the park the owner had the dog off his harness, he roamed free.

But what the dog owner didn’t expect was his gigantic fully grown bully to run after a child.

He chased this child for some distance. It was fortunate that the parents picked up the child otherwise who knows what would’ve happened. The ramifications of the actions of the owner could have been brutal. Without a harness in sight, if the dog would have bitten the child? The parents would have had the right to sue.

They can sue for compensation, including medical expenses of damages, and for reckless endangerment. The small claims court has closed on cases where the people who have been bitten have won 10,000 dollars.

According to Nolo.com, the laws in certain states will not allow the court to rule an argument against someone who was bitten by a dog. The owner must take full responsibility for the incident. One of the following laws can be a sure-fire case in certain states.

“A legal principle known as the “one-bite rule” makes dog owners liable if they know there is dangerous”.

“Strict liability” dog bite laws in most states make owners responsible even if they don’t know the dog is dangerous”.

“Laws or court decisions that make negligent dog owners liable if they were unreasonably controlling their animals”.

I believe not owning a harness is dangerous and you’re putting you and other people at risk.

5.     It is better for training!

The harness is good for puppies that are just learning how to walk. Because it prevents them from getting entangled by the leash. Possibly hurt in the process by all the health issues above. But when we think of a puppy we think of a newly developing animal, that is fragile and delicate! So, if we were to get the leash and place all that pressure of the tugging and pulling injury could happen to your precious English Bulldog puppies.

6.     Prepares you for the unexpected

Let’s say you’re walking down the park trail and your 50-pound Bulldog lunge to chase a squirrel and or cat. The leash is tugged out of your hand and you begin chasing him. These dog harnesses are made with durability and strength in order to expect the unexpected response. The unexpected yank on the harness to quickly pull him back from the squirrel and or cat. Or to remove him from the road!

The best materials for harnesses!

It would be cotton, it soft and comfortable on your pet on the inside and has stretchy flexible material so it’ll give in his running activities. This material should also protect the dog’s skin from friction. While being durable for all the possible wrestling.  But has sturdiness and security so it doesn’t fall off.

Also, we can consider nylon and polyester, are the two most common materials for full body harnesses. The most important thing is the material should be chosen based upon the climatic conditions and size of the dog.

All pet owners also look for the easy to clean feature. Because we don’t want our pets or ourselves to be smelly!

If you’re looking a great and special harness for your dog, we can recommend you these top dog harness, it is rated by Amazon customers with + 4 to 5 stars for all special features they have.

Image by JackieLou DL from Pixabay

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